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Popular Ark Ornament

Since 1973, Clay Fulkerson has made gingerbread style Christmas ornaments which have become collector's items. They have been sold primarily at craft fairs in the Northeast, and are the work of one craftsman, from original design to final signature.

Clay's designs reflect his varied interests and range from traditional to whimsical. New designs are released each year.

kitten The ornaments are made of plaster which is brushed into hand-made molds. They are then meticulously hand painted, finished with four coats of varnish, and backed with Florentine paper.

See ornaments from previous years here, here, here, and here.

To order, call 401/463-6911 or email

Ski Lift Pig

New Designs for 2013 - $14 each

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Shipping & Handling: Only $6 per order, ANY quantity

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